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Hugh Jackman may be most famous for being a “Wolverine,” an Oscar host and an acclaimed Broadway star, but he can now add a new bullet to his resume – coffee entrepreneur. He recently opened Laughing Man Coffee & Tea in Tribeca on Duane Street and it serves the greatest of all coffee drinks – the flat white. The last I tasted this perfectly percolated cup of goodness I was in Australia, so I was quite excited to learn that an Aussie was bringing it stateside. As the Laughing Man baristas explained, the flat white is similar to a latte, but the ratio of milk to espresso is different – the flat white has less milk – and it’s less foamy. It’s really a great cup of coffee that requires no adulteration.

Better still is the knowledge that this venture and your purchase all support sustainable farming practices. While visiting Ethiopia with World Vision in 2009, Mr. Jackman worked with a local farmer, Dukale (after whom one of the coffee blends available for purchase is named), and he promised to do what he could to support him and other farmers like him.

A September 2011 Vogue.com article explains, “Jackman made good on that promise, starting Laughing Man coffee, a company that teams up with farmers who focus on sustainable practices throughout the world to create coffee, tea, and chocolate. By paying farmers a premium for their high-end product, Laughing Man hopes to improve their lives and subsequently the well-being of their communities.”

Their motto is “All be happy” and that’s just how you feel after visiting the store.

See You in the City!