Fresh, bright, balanced, rich. With adjectives like these, it’s understandable why you’d think I’d be describing a glass of fine wine. However, they’re actually the perfect words to use when describing a dish of fine gelato. While gelato is commonplace in Italy, true artisanal quality gelato is much harder to find in the U.S. Fortunately for New Yorkers, the gelato geniuses behind the highly praised Italian gelateria – Grom “Il Gelato Come Una Volta” – decided to open three locations in the city. Fortunately for me, one of them happens to be in my neighborhood.

For those who think gelato is just Italian ice cream, visiting Grom may be a life-changing food experience for you. For the rest who still dream about the gelato they had in Italy…welcome home.

See You in the City!

Grom’s committment to only using high-quality, natural ingredients helped distinguish it in the market. Their mission, “the obsession for excellence, always and without compromise,” led them to buy a 20-acre farm in Northern Italy (Mura Mura) to grow and cultivate their own fruit to ensure the freshest ingredients in their gelato. 

As an article in New York magazine explains, the gelato tubs “are covered with stainless-steel lids,” which is much better for “quality and consistency.” This means that you can’t actually see any of the gelato…but they do let you taste any flavor you want!

Bon Appetit explains the difference between ice cream and gelato here. My explanation is simply that gelato is better, which doesn’t seem to satisfy most people.

Two of my favorite flavors: chocolate and pistachio!