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There’s a scene in the movie Love Actuallyone of my favorite Christmas movies, in which British Prime Minister Hugh Grant stands up to American President Billy Bob Thorton by saying (amongst other things), “We may be a small country, but we’re a great one, too. The country of Shakespeare…Harry Potter…David Beckham’s right foot. David Beckham’s left foot, come to that.”

It’s at this point that I must raise my hand and remind PM Hugh Grant that, well…David Beckham (and his feet) has been playing for the L.A. Galaxy in Major League Soccer (MLS) for five years now. Granted, this movie was made in 2003, which was four years before it was announced that Mr. Beckham was bringing his futbol magic stateside, but still. He’s been playing for us. Mostly. Besides a few “loans” to teams back home. Anyway, the point is, David Beckham has been playing for a U.S. team and bringing much-needed glamor, pizzaz and respect to the MLS. And last night, he helped the L.A. Galaxy finally win the League Title and the MLS Cup against the Houston Dynamo 1-0.

Beckham is nothing if not a polarizing figure, but he is, above all else, a spectacular soccer player. He has a fierce love for the game and he’s consistently been one of the world’s top players. Whether he stays for a few more seasons in the U.S. remains to be determined, but I was lucky enough to see him play just a few weeks ago against the New York Red Bulls.

Sporting events in New York can be quite expensive. However, two tickets to a Red Bulls game cost us $50. A killer steal, especially when compared to Yankee or Knicks or Giants tickets. And the games are awesome. The fans are rowdy, the stadium is modern and the players are world-class. MLS draws top players from the European clubs and American players, like Landon Donovan, more than hold their own.

While you can spend $100 on just one ticket to an American Football game in New York, we spent about $100 total on what the rest of the world considers football. Two tickets, two Gatorades, two quesadilla and two awesome seats. Play on, New York!

See You in the City!

Inside Red Bulls Stadium. Thierry Henry and Rafa Marquez bring a similar foreign glamor to the Red Bulls, but the American players are no wallflowers either.

Landon Donovan thanking the crowd after the LA Galaxy win. He scored the only goal in last night’s MLS Cup game against Houston.