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Anthony Bourdain’s newest show, The Layover, gives viewers insider tips on what to do if you only have 24-48 hours in a city. While I’m still working through Mr. Bourdain’s New York episode, I experienced a bit of his world when my friend Alyssa and fellow blogger – “Adventures of an Island Girl” – came into town for a 27-hour stay. She has big potential job stuff happening, so we really only had about three hours to see some sites. When it’s the holidays, though, it gets much easier to parse down what’s most important on your must-see list

NYC can be a lot to take in when you first arrive, particularly when you are from the lovely Caribbean nation of Grenada like Alyssa. But, she and I braved the rain and the crowds to do a little tour of New York’s Midtown seasonal sites. Here are a few photos from our afternoon adventure.

See You in the City!

Alyssa took the Vamoose bus from Arlington, Virginia. The buses running between NY and DC are reliable and I have taken them a number of times. You can get really cheap tickets and a round-trip can cost you as little as $24. The bus dropped her off at Penn Station and I met her at Macy’s. We then took the Subway to 42nd Street and walked towards Rockefeller Center, an easy couple of blocks. These ornaments adorn the plaza across from Radio City Music Hall.

I saw the Rockettes perform here last year. The show is cute…really more geared towards little ones, but it’s worth seeing the Rockettes perform live at least once!

Alyssa and I in Rockefeller Center! It was the least crowded I had seen it, which was great. That’s the ice skating rink behind us and the tree over our shoulder. Even the rain couldn’t diminish how pretty everything looks.

Rockefeller Center is one of the most visited tourist sites in NYC. From here it is easy to walk to 5th Avenue, which is what we did. The very expensive store fronts were decked out for Christmas and there is some good window shopping. You also pass St. Patrick’s Cathedral, a beautiful neo-Gothic styled Catholic Cathedral, which is worth visiting if you have time.

Alyssa and I continued down 5th Avenue towards Central Park, which she hadn’t seen before. We turned left at Central Park and walked towards Columbus Circle, where we jumped on the Subway again to get some much-needed lunch! It was quite the walk. Come back soon, Alyssa!