It’s getting close to New Year’s Eve, when a good portion of the American television viewing audience will be tuning in to ABC to watch Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest. Times Square has been the central backdrop to this annual holiday celebration since Dick Clark started hosting in 1972 and this year will be no different. With its bright lights and wide avenues, Time Square is the perfect spot for the New Year’s Eve countdown and ball drop. I have never gone to Times Square for NYE and I still don’t plan to. However, it is fun to walk through Times Square at any time of the year and marvel at the flashing lights and blatant commercialism. If you want more information on Times Square (and how to purchase discount Broadway and theater tickets) check out the Official Times Square website.

See You in the City!

It’s a bit of a tourist trap. New York has plenty of other places where you can spend your money. Take photos, maybe buy theater tickets, but keep moving!

Part of Times Square was closed off to traffic, so that New Yorkers and tourists could walk safely through the Square and enjoy a little free, open space. This does necessitate cars/trucks/buses to navigate around this area, though, which has created controversy. Watch the Rock Center with Brian Williams report on it here.

Ok, I do love the M&M store. They have all kinds of M&M paraphenelia, things you didn’t even know you needed! 

There have been numerous complaints that Times Square has been “Disney-fied.” I understand such commercialism is grating, but just a little over 20 years ago this part of town was a seedy, crime-ridden haven for prostitution and drug dealers. Perhaps Disneyfication isn’t so terrible.

Although not everything has changed…There’s always the Naked Cowboy to remind you of the good ol’ days!