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I am sure that some will quiver over my use of “creepy” to describe the holiday displays gracing the Bergdorf Goodman store front. In all honesty, I could also say “artistic,” “imaginative,” or “alluring,” too. But if I rely on my first initial impression, it has to be “creepy,” as in, “Ohhhh, look at those! How creepy!”

The display windows are quite spectacular. Titled “Carnival of the Animals,” they reimagine various animals and their environments in an artistic and fantastical way. It took David Hoey, Bergdorf’s Senior Director of Visual Presentation, and his team an entire year to produce the windows that will remain up through 3 January 2012. As Bergdorf is a high-end fashion store, the windows prominently showcase exclusive gowns and designs by famous fashion houses. But the real stars of the show are the animals and appliqué that make the windows such a unique “holiday spectacle.”

Bergdorf’s blog provides a great write-up on this year’s theme and gives you a much clearer image of each window. I included my photos below, though, which I am also quite partial to, since you see the reflection of the city in each of the windows. Notice that in the first few, the heads of animals take the place of what should be the face of a man or woman. Definitely creepy.

See You in the City!

Kira and me in the window!