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It was a bitterly cold week in New York, but there is no better way to warm up than by consuming a steaming serving of Shakshuka from The Hummus Place, one of my favorite restaurants. Shakshuka is a rich, slightly spicy stew of tomatoes and eggs. The Hummus Place kicks it up a notch by adding eggplant, peppers and onion into the mix and serving it in the exact pan in which it was cooked. The results? Amazing. This time we indulged a bit by ordering Shakshuka Halumi, which is traditional Shakshuka with a blend of sheep and goat cheese. Either way, it is delicious.

Stay warm and See You in the City!

The Shakshuka is served with wheat or white pita for dipping scooping out the eggs and sauce. The eggs are poached in the stew and the result is very similar, if not the same, as the Italian version called “Eggs in Purgatory.” You can actually make it at home pretty easily, which I have done a couple of times.

 Brunch is only a $11.95, which includes fresh-squeezed orange juice and coffee, or go for lunch like we did and get a free appetizer. We chose falafel and labane. Labane is a soft cheese made from yogurt. We now get it every time we go there.

The cardamom-scented Turkish coffee is served in the decanter and packs a powerful punch, which is exactly what we needed the day after New Years.

The Hummus Place has four locations, one of which is a block from our place. Lucky us!

I have neglected to even mention the hummus, which is also delicious! Rich, creamy and with just a hint of tahini, it is divine. Definitely try it. Just try the shakshuka first.