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Every September 11, Americans come together as a nation to commemorate the lives and deaths of those that were killed. While we remember collectively, the introspection and reflection necessitated by such solemnity is quite personal and finding insight even now remains difficult. For someone who believes that “everything happens for a reason,” I still have come no closer to understanding why 9/11 happened. I doubt I ever will.

It’s hard to put September 11 into perspective and to feel that you have appropriately paid your respects to those most grievously affected by the events of that day. The newly opened 9/11 Memorial, however, does give you a tangible way to recognize the victims and the first responders, who risked everything to clear the Twin Towers. While closure may be too strong of a word to use, visiting the site does provide a sense of peace and I, at least, left feeling hopeful.

See You in the City, friends.

The 9/11 Memorial website has helpful information about how to plan your visit and what to expect. It is free to go to the Memorial, but you must sign up for a visitor pass and bring your printed confirmation.

The Memorial has twin pools of water to represent the fallen towers. They are each an acre in size and sit in the exact location of where the towers once stood.

It really is a moving tribute to those that died that day and it is surprisingly peaceful.

The names of all the men, women and children who died in the World Trade Center attacks in 1993 and 2001 are inscribed on bronze plaques that line the reflecting pools. If you are looking for a particular name, the website provides a search function that allows you to pinpoint the name prior to going to the Memorial.

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