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It has been a while since my last post, but it has not been for a lack of content. Rather, I have found that time here in New York – like everything else – seems to move faster. The people, the traffic, the clock, the trends all seem to move at hyper speed. I had this in mind when my good friend Rosanah came for a recent visit. Rosanah has been to New York a number of times and was also content to simply hang out and enjoy the unseasonably warm weather. We shopped, walked the Highline, ate lunch at Eataly and even made dinner at home one night. We also made a trip to the Upper East Side to savor one of France’s most delicious imports – the macarons at Laduree.

Macarons are colorful meringue-based confections that simply melt in your mouth. They look like brightly styled miniature sandwiches and are usually filled with ganache, buttercream or jam. And they are divine. While macarons have been trending in NYC for some time now, “Laduree is said to have originated the French macaron as we know it.” That definitely makes it worth a visit.

See You in the City, friends!

Laduree’s store front is simultaneously eye-catching and hunger inducing. It is one of the prettiest addresses on Madison Avenue. (864 Madison Avenue)

They are best known for their macarons, but Laduree also sells small trinkets, chocolates and ice cream.

Katie, Rosanah and me in front of the store. Katie, who is Rosanah’s good friend from college, has lived here much longer than me and is wealth of information on where to go in New York!

You are NOT allowed to take photos in the store, so I had to sneak this shot.

We wandered over to Central Park to enjoy our perfectly petite sandwiches. You save a few dollars if you go for a brown bag instead of their famous packaging.