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If you had asked me a year ago how I felt about New York, I would have told you we were in a love-hate relationship. New York is not the type of place that welcomes you with open arms and that’s hard when you’re an enthusiastic hugger. Within my first 18 hours of moving here, my car was towed and parked in an impound lot and I was slapped with a $350 ticket. It hardly improved from there. I constantly got lost, I couldn’t find a job and I had no money with which to enjoy the city. While I really wanted to love it here, the Big Apple was making it very hard for me to even like it.

Slowly but surely, though, I made friends, learned how to use the subway, found some good running trails, picked up a temp job and really got into exploring what New York had to offer. We were getting along really well…some might even call it love. If you ask my fiancé about my new-found affair, though, he would call it “rose-colored glasses,” since our love really blossomed as soon as I realized I’d be leaving. A great job in DC came calling and it was too good to refuse.

With that in mind, I thought I’d share some photos of NY that I’ve taken most recently. Since I will still be up in the city quite often, I plan on continuing my blog, hopefully with more frequency than what I’ve been able to do recently. So, I won’t say this is goodbye…just a little love note to one of my favorite places – New York City.

See You in the City!

View of Tribeca skyline

One World Trade Center

Waterfront on the west side of lower Manhattan

Adam and me enjoying the beautiful weather. We walked around Chelsea in the afternoon and then headed over to the river.

Little ItalyOur local fresh market…on the street near our apartment

Boathouse in Central Park

View of Lincoln Center from the rooftop bar of Empire Hotel, UWS